Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Benefit They're Real! // Review

Hello lovelies! Okay so my mum was very kind enough to treat me to some new mascara and she recommended me this one and I was like no way! That's so expensive! I normally use basic mascaras by MUA which are  around £3 and this mascara retails at just under £20 so you can see why I was against it (at first). So eventually I gave in and let my mother treat me and my gosh is this mascara good! It's honestly the best mascara I have ever tried. I recommend this mascara to everyone in the whole world as it leaves my eyelashes so long and fluttery with the perfect thickness and volume although of course it is rather pricey and is a bit of a nightmare to get off but nevertheless this product is amazing!

Let me know your favourite mascaras too in the comments! 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush//Review

Okay, so I have pretty long hair which gets incredibly knotty due to laziness and the amount of backcombing I do on a daily basis. I usually brush through all of my hair like once a month, I know, so gross but I like having messy hair okay, but it's come to that time where I need to actually take care of my hair and stop all the snapping of my hair from pulling apart the dreadlocks that seem to make a regular appearance. I originally planned to buy a tangle teezer from my local hairdressers but I stumbled across this which has the same sort of design but with a handle! I found this at a bargain price of £7.99 in TK Maxx and the label states the original price is £14.99 and tangle teezers usually retail for about £10 so I couldnt leave this on the shelf could I? These detangling brushes come in three different types, "thick", "normal" and "fine" referring to your particular hair type and they also come in different colours. I chose "fine" as I do have quite thin hair when the knots have gone and such and also this option came in pink. I really recommend these brushes as they have done my hair the world of good, my hair has become a lot smoother, silkier and easily manageable due to regular usage of this brush.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Lace & Shine//Favourites

First things first, the lace. Usually I'm not a big fan of Forever 21, it's a huge shop and it's a bit too much to handle for me, however I was feeling adventurous on one winter's day and traveled to the floor specifically for accessories, underwear, pj's ect, and this little number caught my eye immediately so I just had to buy it. Fancy bra's are a must especially if you aren't gifted in the boob department (like me). This bra-let was around £12 and is a very baby pink which I think is adorable and looks lovely under sheer-ish tops, a perfect replacement for them awful bandeaus.
Second is the shine. Topshop shoes are always way out of my price range but seeing as it was the sale I had to go have a little mooch about and I found these beauties for an amazing price of £9 in the sale (should of been £10 but student discount saved me £1, loving life as a student!) . ok so they are a little tight at first and need breaking in a hella lot, my poor feet have suffered a couple of blisters :( but these shoes are gorgeous and as they where so cheap i can deal with the pain (she says). These shoes are perfect for any occasion and go lovely with dresses and jeans, barefoot and with socks so you can't go wrong really.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

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Oh Vivienne

Okay, so I admit that this blog post is a little overdue and I had planned to upload it over a week ago now so I apologise in advance for mentioning the dreaded C word when it is half way through January, and by C word I mean Christmas! I didn't want to do one of those "What I got for Christmas" posts as I don't want to bore you to death, after all this is my first blog post, eek! However my lovely boyfriend did get me these Nano Solitaire Earrings in Crystal and how can I not share these? I'm not going to ramble on as the pictures do all the talking for me so on that bombshell, Thank you Alex and Thank you Vivienne Westwood for these beautiful earrings :')